Artcurial Auction in Retromobile(2)


Collection-du-Muse-ue-des-Voitures-de-Chefs-d-Etat.jpg It is clear that in speaking of the preceding article,the jewel of the sale for me is the Bugatti Atalante, although it could also fall for this Bugatti Aravis 1930

DSC 0103

But the choice for lovers of beautiful cars is immense, as the Simca Presidential General de GaulleProvenant-du-Muse-ue-des-Voitures-de-Chefs-d-Etat-Simca-P.jpg

a true work of art tooSimca-Pre-usidence-du-Ge-une-ural.jpg,part of the Museum’s collection of cars heads of states, which also features a replica of the Lincoln JFK (great moment in history for some)LINCOLN.jpg or DS23ie Giscard d’Estaing I who have had the chance to see the repair Presidential SM Maserati, I know these are great moments


One can only head is spinning before this type K1 De Dion Bouton, 1903 1903-De-Dion-Bouton-Type-K1-Carrosserie-Industrielle-de-Jea.JPG

And what about the 15 Mercedes SL made between 1950 and 1990 (here 300SL Roadster 1958).

MercedesBenz 300SL Roadster 1958 380.000 ÔÇô 440.000

5 Maserati,


collection Aston Martin,Aston-Collection.JPG

Peugeot 402 Darl’Mat Roadster 1938, Provenant-de-la-Succession-suisse--1938-Peugeot-402-Darl-Ma.jpg

BMW 328 Roadster, 1937…1937_BMW_328-Roadster_Est_420.000_480.000.jpg

Ferrari 275 GTB 1965


Just for the delight of the eyes which I give you a preview with the permission of Artcurial for the History of the Automobile, know-how and techniques that have made this area one of the most beautiful human creations .

At a time when we experim new ways to create the car of tomorrow in the zeitgeist, yet look back to when the sound of a humming motor without electronics, where they cared less pollution than fine lines and where a mechanic could fix everything genius in his small garage even if it still exists Thank the collectors and museums who continue to preserve this heritage and this time, for our pleasure.