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Limousines and Sports in Gulf Services

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The origin of the word limousine( from the Limousin French Province) is to search for in the days of horse drawn carriages, where they prized very warm and waterproof clothing for travel. Now it happens that the coats made from leather and skin of the bovine species limousine was very popular.

The reasons why you should choose the Montreux Clinic Lemana

The cel therapy: a method created by Paul Niehans in 1931

It was at the hospital in Lausanne, following a surgical procedure goes wrong, that Dr. Niehans (1882-1971) succeeded in saving the life of the patient to a colleague.

He associated himself with Dr. Alfred Pfister to develop cellular therapy is a method based on nutrition internal organs, and help revitalize the entire body being treated.

L’Hôtel d’Angleterre, Geneva, a must of excellence

The Hotel D Angleterre was built in 1872, designed by Swiss architect Anthony Krafft.

It was completely renovated in 1995 preserving its original style.

It retains a refined character and charm found throughout the hotel.

The facade is haughty and opulent, the fact that it is located opposite the water jet enhances the stature, making it one of the most beautiful jewelry in Geneva.

VIP Services: philosophy and values by Pierre André Dumont

Pierre André Dumont with Tonino Lamborghini at the Florence 2010 event

Let’s start by talking about you, where are you from, your roots, what values were you sent?

Florence 2010: Luxury and Excellence

Florence is a city with a prestigious past, which speaks for itself.

City Art, trading, refinement amidst an exceptional natural setting, Florence has created magnificent buildings, with impressive architecture, great men have hatched in Florence: Leonardo da Vinci, Dante, and as the Medici more …

It is within this enchanting city that held the conference for the development of synergies minds for Art and the economic influence of Florence and Tuscany.