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The New VIPMagazine about the Geneva International Motor Show 2011

VIPMagazine N°5 – Spring 2011

We are happy to announce you the publication of the VIPMagazine n°5 , which will be distributed in preview at the Motor Show 2011 of Geneva, starting from March 1st, 2011 at the press days.

Indeed this year, our cover (photos below)

point up one of the most emblematic automobile brand, its emblem is a bull, it is LAMBORGHINI.

For the first time, we put one of our favorite partners on the cover with an exceptional model, a Lamborghini Murcielago SV
Black matt like the Reventon but more fierce, marvellous.

The Spirit of Rolls Royce


If there is one brand that made us dream and which takes us even in moments of age, it’s Rolls Royce.

Rado: The original Diastar

copyright Rado

Rado Swiss brand has released a limited edition Diastar (or so-called original) for Baselworld: the D-Star Rado Basel2011 Special, 1.111 copies.

Rohr Chocolates in Kuweit-cty

Announce in exclusivity

Chocolate Rohr, the well-known Swiss chocolate seller, whose reputation made him the chocolate seller of the kings, has just officially opened his first international store and not anywhere since this one has just inaugurated in large pump in Kuwait-city the capital of the eponymous country.

Roger Rohr that we recently had on line has just confirmed us this information, that said nothing surprising in this development when one knows the reputation of the Rohr house in the countries the gulf.

All that we can wish him is success, but no doubt that it will be the case because the Mideast customers already connoisseur will find in Kuweit-city a first branch where to satisfy its appetites with chocolate made in Swiss. And we know by experiment that this one is unbounded

When will there be a second one …?

Fleuriot. Red Roses and Valentine Day

rose-rougeNow it’s Time for Lovers, Time to explain your Love, why don’t go to Fleuriot , VIP Services partner,searching your manifestation of eternal Love? Red Roses?

Here are few moments of the History in Roses and Valentine:

Darling, let’s see if the Rose

Who was this morning Declos

His purple robe in the sun. “

For centuries, the history of the rose is lost in our culture, mixing with the delicacy, fragrance and love.

The designer jeweler Gilbert Albert and timeless watches

Gilbert Albert was born September 20, 1930 to Easter but his look, his drive and passion does belie.
Gilbert Albert has always had a special connection with Nature.

Breitling before Baselworld 2011

Breitling new york flagship 2011

New flagship in New York

One thing caught my attention recently Breitling: home Melrose Jeweler reports that its top-line sales in Japan concerning the mark, while Melrose is a leader in transactions Rolex, the start.

Jaeger Lecoultre: A brief history of the Automatic



A watch could seeming greenish yellow,ordinary in the first look. There was no ostentation in this model, needles, numbers not even reported except of a line, the roundness of basic dial, hours and minutes, date, anything else I might find extraordinary at the time, except the name, Jaeger Lecoultre