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Timelessness of Art in Geneva

llustration: May Thu Perret Flag (2009)

Read in the Tribune de Geneva, 17/1/11:

Because there is not that beautiful watches in Geneva life There are so many other beautiful things as seeing, live

Two nice places to go out in Geneva for lovers of good music

If you‘re a clubber, which means love going out and dance and play music in the background festive concocted by DJs in clubs trend, you have the choice of Geneva, and will probably find through

the information you‘ll need.

Geneva, City Business, but not only

If you walk over the Internet, research associate your pictures of Geneva, warned that blogs and webmasters call googleliser in french

A barbarous word but has the advantage as a neologism to be fun

Art, History and Antiquities of China thousands of Splendor

Very little is known of Chinese civilization.

In Geneva, we are fortunate, thanks to the Gallery Dutta, to have one of ten global experts Arts and Chinese antiquities.

A rare masterpiece in Sotheby’s New York!

It entrusts the Sotheby‘s auction of the Holy Conversation of Titian January 27, 2011 in New York
Courtesy of Sotheby‘s Geneva:

Famous Japanese Swords in Dutta Gallery

There you existing in Japan is an ancient tradition of swordsmanship.

Is inseparable from the history of the samurai warrior in the service of his lord with ethics, philosophy, and beating the Way of the Warrior, and thus the Way of the Sword

The Cabaret-Show La Garçonnière

Report on the Review  La Garçonnière

Miss VIP was there on October 15 in the historical Arts and Entertainment in Geneva

It is believed not to present this property, so it evokes memories and life is rooted in Geneva.
But this is not a nightclub quality which is free and relaxed atmosphere we spend the intermission numbers.
It is also an institution that has talent and technical journals that cause the viewer an emotional and artistic aesthetic.

I attended the show 23:30.
This is the one I’ll tell you by my impressions.

Exhibition event Bulgari Paris December 10 to January 11: 125 years of magnificence

After the first success in Rome, Paris now for Bulgari, the prestigious Grand Palais, a retrospective of Italian Master in Fine Jewelry, we were welcomed.

A real work of history, an overview of techniques and influences on exceptional jewels, worn by actual celebrities: Sophia Loren,


Elysabeth Taylor etc…