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The Furtive-eGT in the magazine ”L’Automobile”

Logo Exagon MotorsHere is an article about Exagon Motors and the Furtive-eGT which has appeared in the magazine ”L’Automobile” of December.

Exagon Motors – Motor Show 2012

Logo Exagon MotorsExagon Motors, Furtive E-GT…names previously unknown, they became from the ”Paris Motor Show 2012”, the reflect of a revolution in the automotive world of today …

TOP MARQUES MACAU 2011 – Success for GTA Spano in China

The Top Marques Macau 2011 was a success for GTA Spano in China

Today Top Marques Macau closed its doors, with much success for its visitors during this, its first edition, in which GTA Spano became one of the main lures.

EXAGON, a French revolution on TOPMarks of Monaco

logo d'Exagon

 A name to be held it would be indeed possible that this one becomes in the future a however common name are it Ferrari or Porsche…


Pagani Huayra in the Geneva Motor Show 2011

geneve-2011-pagani-huayra-34-arriere-l-7601We talked about it already, well before its introduction.



Pagani Huayra sits proudly at the Geneva show, and success is in appointment.

Lamborghini Aventador : ultimate birth in Geneva

Lamborghini Aventador 001

Finally, this exceptional vehicle before us.

The LP700 is officially presented in Geneva in the world.

The lines are there: the aggressive path for speed, carbon bodywork designs on silk scrolls of a pure sports car, the wings are cut for the adventure of extreme car.

The Spirit of Rolls Royce


If there is one brand that made us dream and which takes us even in moments of age, it’s Rolls Royce.

2010 L.A.Design Challenge: Mercedes Biome


To continue with this design competition, and also acknowledge our partners Carugati and Andre Chevalley, another treat for the eyes

Two companies of the automobile to the extreme performance

The last stroke of madness Bugatti go even in the extreme by offering the Bugatti Veyron Supersport2011, which will be produced in 40 copies for customers already loyal to the brand.


It is more an exercise in depth of the mark in the bowels of the beast and not a mere restyled.

Los Angeles Design Contest 2010: Maybach

Los Angeles Design Challenge 2010 : Maybach DRS

Just for fun and also because at VIP Services Blog, we love the exceptional vehicles and innovation, as our partners in the automotive section of VIP Services.