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The ultimate perfection signed Yves Saint Laurent

We can not speak of luxury and the Soul of it without referring to Saint Laurent.


He started with a simple black dress in wool which he won an award, the French immigrant Oran, which comes in 1954 at Christian Dior, which the other legend told him before dying that his successor will .

In 1962, helped by his alter ego Pierre Berge, Yves Mathieu Saint Laurent founded his own house and revolutionized women’s clothing.

The last journey of the senses signed Van Cleef & Arpels: Oriens


Oriens is an amazing fragrance, not only by the bottle, which won an award well deserved, based on a creation of Van Cleef & Arpels Jewelry, but also by its fragrance.

The passion of fur in the famous House Furrex

Furrex shop, rue du Rhone

The House Furrex is always located in the same place for years in the prestigious Rue duRhône.

Specializing in Fur, who always had a prominent place in the midst of luxury and the history ofmankind.

The orchid, a queen among flowers Fleuriot

In Fleuriot, flowers and plants, the compositions and bouquets are a long history of love for the beauty of plants, Nature


This month is the Orchid is told in the language of flowers

The orchid is a flower that evokes sensuality, the exuberance of colors and fragrances.

The process of creating the Master Jeweler Gilbert Albert

When you arrive at the House Gilbert Albert, the shop surprised by an alliance between classicism and sobriety places that highlight the character subtly original creations of the Master.

Focus on the pink diamond from sale at auction at Sotheby’s Geneva, in November 2010

The flagship of the sale in Sotheby’s Fine Jewelry: diamond Fancy Intense Pink


We have already discussed the estimates and price of its rarity (it is estimated VVS2 for a diamond of color)

Black Narcissus: exotic legend by CARON

The flower and the fragrance

Can ever pluck the pages of history from Caron, whose fragrances are so many chapters, so many milestones, whispers of legend …

A mythical perfume the house is the famous Black Narcissus, a title referring to the flowers of course, and their mythology: get lost in the bottle is there a risk?

Brief News Of our Partner Clarins

Here are brief on the latest news on our partner:

The partnership of Clarins Fragrance Group and Zadig and Voltaire is efficient since Oct. 13, a collaboration between two luxury homes that looks very promising.

The range of prestige fragrance Frédérique Malle at Theodora

Théodora is the distributor of Frederic Malle Suisse Romande. Feel free to cross the door of our partner, it is still far less than Paris

You can see above one of the Shop of the brand in the French Capital.

What is striking in this House is the first treatment that is used to make you feel special, if I may say so

Parfums our Partner Clarins: Alliance with Thierry Mugler

He is a renowned home since 1954 and whose know-how, innovation makes a reference: Clarins.

It is a fantastic creator, virtuoso of haute couture and daring which could only please the Clarins House: Thierry Mugler.

In 1990, the two partners join and Mugler Parfums born.