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TOP MARQUES MACAU 2011 – Success for GTA Spano in China

The Top Marques Macau 2011 was a success for GTA Spano in China

Today Top Marques Macau closed its doors, with much success for its visitors during this, its first edition, in which GTA Spano became one of the main lures.

Wine & Trust the passion of the wine, a safe investment !

The creator of the company Wine and Trust S.A Michel Maire, well known in the world of the wine started at the beginning of 2010 this new adventure: a company of which the engine is the wine and the service (apart from selling it naturally) the wine being an extremely profitable financial investment for investors … A new way of placing its money safely …

The specialists of your home

Dating from 1993, the Living Room Tradition company was created this year by Guido and Monique Bargoni to satisfy demanding customers requests in the complex and sensitive world of the interior design, indeed nothing or almost is as delicate as to make the inside of a house by understanding the tastes of his interlocutor, an art at which the team of Living room Tradition excels today.

GTA Spano, special guest at the Italian Consulate

Last Tuesday, GTA Spano was one of the main attractions during its presence at the Italian Consulate Palace in Madrid as part of an event to commemorate the 150 years of Italian Unification and to also celebrate the Italian Armed Forces Day.

At this special event, held at the Santa Coloma Palace in Madrid, guests from world embassies in Spain were present, as were representatives from important Italian and Spanish business worlds.

The ITU Telecom World 2011

The ITU Telecom World 2011 closed its doors on 27 October after 4 days of top-level networking and knowledge sharing.

La Broche : The Cocktail reception

Of all time the sellers of roast meat were actors of the world of the Cooking and sublimated the most beautiful games in medieval fireplaces and gigantic roasting spit such as in the big historic houses. So it is in the restaurant ” La Broche ” of which Philippe Berzane holds the reins 36 angle rue du Stand and 8 rue de l’Arquebuse – 1204 in Geneva which the big specialities are the chickens, the legs of lamb and the oxen in the Brooch and which is soon going to celebrate its ten years …