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Portrait of Michael Bittel’s imagination through his watch creations

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Our partner Michael Bittel has already been featured in

VIP Magazine but here we will put a light on the designer of Engineering in a very dreamlike aesthetic.

Maybach and Aston Martin in talk…

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The Concept Car of 2009 Lagonda: perhaps a starting point

According to the Financial Times, the two brands was very interested in a collaboration to develop the next group of German limousine.

It‘s a safe bet for both companies, this could be very interesting:

A new record in Geneva Auction for a Patek Philippe

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” Watch Sales in 2010 Break Records at Christie’s


(December 21, ’10, 5:41 IDEX Online Staff Reporter)

The Patek Philippe watch that sold for $5.7 million at Christie’s
(IDEX Online News) – Christie’s International ended a record-breaking year for fine and rare watches that realized $91.2 million in total sales, the highest annual total ever achieved for watches at the auction house. The top selling watch this year was a Patek Philippe Reference 1527 manufactured in 1943 that sold for a record $5.7 million at Christie’s Geneva.

The last journey of the senses signed Van Cleef & Arpels: Oriens


Oriens is an amazing fragrance, not only by the bottle, which won an award well deserved, based on a creation of Van Cleef & Arpels Jewelry, but also by its fragrance.

The passion of fur in the famous House Furrex

Furrex shop, rue du Rhone

The House Furrex is always located in the same place for years in the prestigious Rue duRhône.

Specializing in Fur, who always had a prominent place in the midst of luxury and the history ofmankind.

The orchid, a queen among flowers Fleuriot

In Fleuriot, flowers and plants, the compositions and bouquets are a long history of love for the beauty of plants, Nature


This month is the Orchid is told in the language of flowers

The orchid is a flower that evokes sensuality, the exuberance of colors and fragrances.

Merry Holidays End

All team and VIP Services VIP Services Blog joins me in wishing you the best holiday season and hope you had a wonderful Christmas

Limousines and Sports in Gulf Services

Geneva Gulf Services

Vip Services offers many

The origin of the word limousine( from the Limousin French Province) is to search for in the days of horse drawn carriages, where they prized very warm and waterproof clothing for travel. Now it happens that the coats made from leather and skin of the bovine species limousine was very popular.

Chinese Art in the celestial spheres at Drouot

A rare vase from 51 cms of the Yongzheng period (1723-1735), the imperial seal authentic, has been awarded in the famous Parisian auction house to 5.547 million euros.

It was probably placed in the Imperial Rooms, its spherical shape (tianqiuping) is directly connected with the Son of Heaven, and polychrome enamel flowers gently running along the vase: Yulan magnolia, peony and wild apple Haitang fuguihua form homophony in the hope that Blessed be your noble household wealth and honor. “

In China, everything is symbolic, everything leads back to a philosophy, a representation of things in life, and it could not be exceptional for an emperor.

The peony flower is considered the queen of flowers and evokes the front ranks of officers and the flower of riches and honor term from Zhou Dunya, in his essay My passion for the Lotus, “ Neo-Confucian poet Song of this time.

The reasons why you should choose the Montreux Clinic Lemana

The cel therapy: a method created by Paul Niehans in 1931

It was at the hospital in Lausanne, following a surgical procedure goes wrong, that Dr. Niehans (1882-1971) succeeded in saving the life of the patient to a colleague.

He associated himself with Dr. Alfred Pfister to develop cellular therapy is a method based on nutrition internal organs, and help revitalize the entire body being treated.