Jaeger Lecoultre: A brief history of the Automatic


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A watch could seeming greenish yellow,ordinary in the first look. There was no ostentation in this model, needles, numbers not even reported except of a line, the roundness of basic dial, hours and minutes, date, anything else I might find extraordinary at the time, except the name, Jaeger Lecoultre

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But It’s remarquable yet.

Jaeger LeCoultre, whose history is rooted in the Vallee de Joux, its people whose expertise was wonderfully saved by this factory, this famous brand, represents a matter of excellence and history, time after time.

I will explain why:

This model is apparently so innocuous a marvel of mechanical without crown, when he was called Powermatic on the dial, autonomy was indicated by a window at 12 pm, when it was a needle or disk at 9am, it was called the Futurematic: explanations are coming …

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I struggled to find information on this watch, specialty sites focusing wrongly or rightly the latest models, fortunately lovers and purists answered present, so if you initiate this sector, feel free to browse the forums, you‘ll find treasures.

As such, innovation Futurematic closer in time with the Harwood, presented at the Basel Fair in 1927, developed in collaboration with Frederic Emile Blancpain, reported as the first automatic wristwatch, time is being adjusted by turning the glasses or a crown on the back of the box.

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Following are some dates:

-1946: the first automatic caliber precursor of Master Control is numbered 476 and 481 in 1948

-1953: Creation of the Futurematic: who chooses a parent solution of Harwood.


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You find here a description of the main ranges: the 497 (E 501):

Diameter - 31.3 mm (13 3 / 4 )
Height - 6.3 mm
17 jewels
spiral Nivarox
Frequency - 18000 A / h, 2 Hz
shock absorption.


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A bracket prevents blocking the bearing, which allows the owner to set the time the second.

When the power reserve is 4 or 5 hours, it hangs and does not discharge, so that delivery is a function when the owner gives it to the wrist by putting it on time.

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There was also the caliber 817 (E502) to round porthole (see above), which indicated the state of the power reserve by the door, so avant-garde movement, he was abandoned by Jaeger LeCoultre, says be.

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What we can learn from this? The intrinsic beauty of a watch whatever is first in its movement and its complications, either the work that his design has engendered, and if we now combine aesthetics and technology, we can not conceive One without the other, yet that beauty either always relative to the person who feels it.


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