The Spirit of Rolls Royce


If there is one brand that made us dream and which takes us even in moments of age, it’s Rolls Royce.

Even its history is so British: imagine two men sitting at the bottom of tawny leather seats in a private club, cigar in mouth and whiskey 50 years old, saying they would build the perfect, “the best car in the world“, you can imagine this moment as such in 1904, one bringing its technology and know-how automobile, Henry Royce and the other, Charles Rolls, his passion for luxury and a taste for adventure. There would there had paris Nobody knows olio 1110568843 1907 rolls royce 40 50hp the silver ghost f

silver Ghost 1907

The aristocrat so distinguished, aviation pioneer and the son of gentry ruined, forced to invent brilliantly to to live, both were creating Rolls Royce in 1906.

As in a dramatic film, Charles Rolls disappeared, moreover, in flight in 1910
rolls phantom 1 1925

phantom 1 1925

Since then, two legendary models haunt our memories: the Silver Ghost and Phantom

.silver ghost 1920

silver ghost 1920

And with these luxury cars, we walk in the twentieth century,



rolls maharajah

moguls, royalty, emirs, sumptuous landscapes of Asia, posh hotspots in Europe, the rise of American imperialism, fortunes and dreams.24rolls silverghost bouchard

1925 Silver Ghost model and its typical form of wooden boat

Have an old Rolls Royce is a piece of that history and the splendor that is reflected in the symbol of luxury and estate that is the Rolls Royce limousine.

1925 Rolls-Royce Phantom 1 Jonckheere Coupe 1

Phantom Jonckeere coupé 1

And to mark the centenary of the Spirit of Ecstasy, a radiator cap became legend, it was nice to recall its design: born sculptor Charles Robinson Sykes, to adorn the Rolls Royce of John Walter Edward Douglas-Scott-Montagu (Lord Montagu of Beaulieu), whose model Eleanor Velasco Thornton, his secretary and secret love.


La Whisper

This also disappeared at sea in 1915, a victim of the sinking of his ship off Crete by the Germans.

The statuette was first called the Whisper, a woman draped in her wedding dress her body floating in speed.

In February 1911, by suggestion of Claude Johnson, director manager, Charles Sykes proposed a variant proposed as Spirit of Speed, inspired by the winged goddess the Victory known as the Spirit of Ecstasy, which became the emblem of Rolls Royce .

Charles Sykes Flying Lady Rolls Royce Car Mascot 681

Each model was cast in wax and therefore unique

ange rolls 2


There were several models: the Spirit of Ecstasy on her knees,


which made until after the Second World War in the Silver Wraith and Silver Dawn, the Flying Lady, American version, removed the cover to meet the standards of this country, then also some specific requests that are part of the legendary Rolls like the Princess Margaret became a Pegasus by Louis Lejeune…or other…spiritofecstasy crop

Originally silver and nickel or chrome plated or gold in 1920, one can find the famous statue now gold, steel and silver with the famous folding of the figurine to protect it from unscrupulous.ange rolls


It should be noted that February 6, 2011, was organized a rally in London by the manufacturer for more information: Video


To end on news, we are informed that the designer of Jaguar, Rolls Royce Gilles joined Taylor to design future models, and  that Rolls has signed a 2.2 billion from Emirates.


In fact, one last digression before you leave, just admire the coupe Rolls Royce specially designed for the Sultan of Brunei, which once again takes us into the legend, which for me illustrates the spirit of this brand Limousine So Smart