Lamborghini Aventador : ultimate birth in Geneva

Lamborghini Aventador 001

Finally, this exceptional vehicle before us.

The LP700 is officially presented in Geneva in the world.

The lines are there: the aggressive path for speed, carbon bodywork designs on silk scrolls of a pure sports car, the wings are cut for the adventure of extreme car.

A true supercar, the demerit Aventador does not: small technical point, 0-100 in 2.9 seconds, speed up to 350 km / h but especially the ubiquitous carbon optimizing the aerodynamics and performance. aventador 1

 Two visions of the car are present in Geneva: the technology for a purified energy, with electric and hybrid concepts, and here, the technology for pure energy blend of speed, power and sensation, where the consumer does is just a technical parameter.03E8000004044818-photo-salon-geneve-2011-lamborghini-aventa

 A refined classic interior also reflects the philosophy Lamborghini finish, quality, reliability perfect.aventador3

 The Aventador, which evokes his elders with brio of the Murciélago Diablo is definitely be a pure Lamborghini.

Source ”Les Coulisses du luxe”