EXAGON, a French revolution on TOPMarks of Monaco

logo d'Exagon

 A name to be held it would be indeed possible that this one becomes in the future a however common name are it Ferrari or Porsche…


Indeed, during the last one ” Top Marks ” of Monaco which took place from 14 till 17 April of this year, in the middle of about ten supercars and rolling monsters of all kinds, we had the surprise to discover a French GT

La Furtive e-GTLa Furtive e-GT

Of a magnificent design and especially “Electric”, the first one serious conccurente to “Tesla” went out quite straight ahead of the imagination of a French engineer ” Luc Marchetti ” who after a discussion with a big amateur of sportscars who did not believe in the future of a GT electrique, in decided to dash into the adventure in partnership with “Saft” and
” Siemens Corporate Technologies “.

furtive e-gtla furtive e-GT d’Exagon

Besides being beautiful, she is performant to

Furtive – eGT is propelled by two engines Siemens Corporate Technology of last generation of 125kW each. Or 340 ch from 5 000 to 10 000 tr / min.

Lightning acceleration because Exagon announces 3,5 dry. For 0 in 100 kph, and its couple is fantastic: 480 N.m from 0 to 5 000tr / min.

In other words a revolution in the small automobile world, especially when you will know that its announced autonomy is 300 km or more than 800 km with extension autonomy.

L'interieur de la Furtive e-GTL’interieur de la Furtive e-GT

Another exclusivity of this high-level sportscar her concept of revolutionary sound system The “Hopman Sound TransferTM”.

This system transforms various materials inherent to the car in loudspeakers. It passes on the vibratory energy in the material, so that it reconstitutes an acoustic energy.

The patented technology of the “Hopman Sound Transfer TM” restores a harmonious quality of sound without the dimensions of a traditional surrounding speaker. The point of Stereo is thus widened in the completeness of the volume.

The “Hopman Sound TransferTM” must be considered as a surrounding wall and works in the same way. It connects with the exits “Loudspeaker” of any amplifier and also broadcasts all the sorts of known acoustic sources.

 They announced marketing is for the end of 2012 at the rate of hundred of units a year, but its official launch will be made in the World of the Automobile in October, 2012 in Paris.

We are delighted to be there.

Source info : Exagon