EBACE 2011, a European event must

Geneva: The European exhibition of business aviation (European Business Aviation Convention & Exhibition) has opened to the public from May 17 to 19, 2011 at Palexpo is emerging under the sign of the resumption the opening and, of course, innovation.

The actors are many: businessmen, manufacturers, representatives and policy makers in this sector.


For beginners, it is necessary to recall that EBACE is organized by EBAA (European Association the Business Aviation) -was created in 1977 by Dr. Philips Ir.FJ to gather and defend the European private aviation business , representing 400 companies- and the National Business Aviation Association NBAA (1947), featuring over 8000 companies offering over 100 products and services.

EBACE has 460 exhibitors from around the world, nearly 70 aircraft for a beautiful range of what is best in the industry for nearly 36,000 m2.

In terms of looking in this area in Europe, the European Commission to control body Eurocontrol corps  was a 5.5% increase in the number of flights and operating companies, auspices expected to be good for this organization.
New European legislation are also provided to guide and stimulate the private aviation business.

For the International Air Transport Association, the past year the airline shows a cumulative net profit of over $ 15 billion.

It is also noted that demand in the aviation sector to private affair seems more important than supply and that this dynamism is such that large companies are increasingly placing on this sector, also relying on better support the needs and desires of a certain privileged customers (see my previous article).

These competitive pressures seem to offer yet more good than harm the development prospects of this area.

Thus, as an example, the company PremiAir, which provides private jets and helicopters and manages the heliport in London, billed as the first resort-hotel helipad and luxury shops, built for the 2012 Olympic Games event in Britain.
PremiAir also note a recent upturn since mid-January.
PremiAir was for the first time at EBACE this year.

Similarly, the Company Embraer has also exhibit at EBACE, which focuses on its jets Phenom 300, Legacy 650 and ultra-large Lineage.
Embraer is proud to deliver one of 5 planes in the business world, representing 19% market share.
In addition, an agreement with AVIC (Aviation Industry Corporation) is implementing a production line Legacy 650 in China.

For it is in the new markets are emerging that the real reasons for the recovery of this sector, which has also helped maintain good health a global perspective.

Thus, it is noted that deliveries called emerging markets have supported the demands and productions.

For example, the company EAG Empire Aviation Group, based in Dubai has created a branch in Mumbai in India, strengthened by the continued momentum that never flagged in the Middle East since 2007.
EAG has one of the largest fleets of this geographic area and expanded further with the addition of jet Falcon 7X (DS) is everywhere and offer the most comprehensive services possible.

Moreover, the MEBA, Middle East Business Aviation Association, an organization similar to the EBAA and NBAA in this area, established in 2006, was be present also in Geneva.
In so far as this organization, the market for business aviation in the Middle East should expect a growth of 15-20% for the next 6 years to reach a share of $ 1 billion in 2018, their main objectives is to promote and organize the market by holding the main actors as economic, commercial and legislative or policy, this association is very pleased to be represented in this event what EBACE 2011, although its 4th Show Business Aviation has been a real success with 77 countries, 330 exhibitors and over 60 aircraft, the MEBA continues in Geneva, the manifestation of its expansion in EBACE 2011 to recognize its role in Europe.

Indeed, large numbers of manufacturers was present:
Of course Airbus Industrie (EAD.Pa) who present two jet, an Airbus Corporate Jet (ACJ), operated by K5-GmbH, equipped with a cab Fokker Services with seats around tables, sitting area, private office, bedroom and bathroom bath / shower.
The other is a twin-engine Airbus A320 operated by Comlux, available for VVIP flights, having a car also luxurious, with rows of seats in first class, the first of its kind by Comlux America.

Other major manufacturers such as Boeing (BA.N) Business Jet division, Canada’s Bombardier (BBDb.TO), Brazil’s Embraer (EMBR3.SA), which we have spoken above, who has present a model in the Legacy 500 Hall 7, of course, Dassault and Rolls Royce but also many smaller suppliers and manufacturers.

With numerous meetings, seminars on different topics, exhibitors, the public, the various actors, EBACE 2011, Palexpo, was not fail of good surprises and great opportunities …

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