Exagon Motors – Motor Show 2012

Logo Exagon MotorsExagon Motors, Furtive E-GT…names previously unknown, they became from the ”Paris Motor Show 2012”, the reflect of a revolution in the automotive world of today …

Stand Exagon au mondial 2012

Stand Exagon

Energy savings, more than ever on the agenda, leads to the search for new solutions in the pollutant segment of transport. In recent years, the power came in reinforcing these efforts and strong of these developments of mentality , Luc Marchetti, head of Exagon Motors has developed together with Siemens and other partners, the ultimate French GT reviewed and corrected in 100% electric mode.

At the official launch during the Motor Show 2012, which ended last October 14, the entire automotive press was captivated by this surprising and beautiful GT proves if need to be that the French creators still have resource.

Clean and taut lines like a cat ready for the hunt, this beautiful car is as quiet as the wind … Powered by 400 Horses purely electric, it reaches heights of performance, shooting from 0 to 100 km / h in less than 3.5 sec . thanks to a phenomenal couple as every electric car.

Intérieur de la Furtive E-GT

Furtive E-GT interior

Added to this a range of nearly 300 km all-electric mode, and reinforced by an extension it even exceeds the 800 km range with a fast charging station requiring 21 min to fill up, it becomes particularly competitive, especially as the French government has announced that during the Motor Show plans to expand the implementation of electric charging stations across the country.

A customized interior, made of cowhide full grain leather (the must), it is decorated with all the gadgets of comfort and driving assistance inherent in this type of products.

Extraordinary aerodynamics and impressive performance, here is the recipe that makes the Furtive e-GT a true icon in the exclusive world of luxury GT. Moreover, the customer does not make a mistake, because the production of next year is already completed as part of the 2014 and when you know that the factory plans to release 100 models per year 400,000 Euros a unit, it makes you wonder …!

Thus the new Automobile order is in the process of taking off, and it’s a safe bet that Furtive e-GT will take a leading role!

Furtive E-GT Furtive E-GT Furtive E-GT
Furtive E-GT Furtive E-GT Furtive E-GT