« The Birds » – directed by REUGE

Bubo, the famous mechanical owl in the film « Clash of the Titans » has been in the mind of the VIP customer when he visited the mythical manufactory Reuge in Sainte-Croix.

While Reuge is well-known for a long history of mechanical singing birds, the tradition usually requests the use of real bird feathers. However, here the request was clearly to create something very metal, unique and special.

Nicolas Court, a long time close friend and ally from Sainte-Croix has taken up the challenge to create with Reuge a completely new mechanical structure. Not only were all the elements clearly much heavier (metal instead of feathers) but also much bigger and consequently more difficult to move.

As a tribute to the customer, Reuge choose to replicate a bird being often in the country of the customer, a Chiff-Chaff.

In this case, 15 mechanical automatons have been created. Each one is made of 500 individually made pieces. The entire piece of Art is afterwards gold plated in 24 carat. All 15 pieces have been delivered and the proud owner will give them to his close friends as a special gift.

A gift which will, like any of the Reuge’ creation, stay forever with the new owner and will become a permanent memory of the relationship.

Video and high resolution pictures available on http://bit.ly/1s8tc8I (link valid until Oct 5, 2014)

« The Birds » - directed by REUGE

« The Birds » – directed by REUGE