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Infiniti Bilan at the Salon de Paris 2010

Back to the Paris Motor Show: The Infiniti G Convertible Concept IPL (the cons) and the Infiniti M35h

Infiniti G Convertible Concept IPL

IPL: Infiniti Performance Line, a whole program, announcing promises in terms of exclusivity, and line performance.

Last 2010 Rolls Royce news

Rolls Royce :« Bespoke » de la Phantom

Rolls Royce: Bespoke the Phantom

Cyrielle Anne Renault le 21/10/2010(in, translation by Miss VIP

“This year the Fair Sharjah celebrated its 10th anniversary. Rolls Royce has benefited from this event in Dubai to present the new version Bespoke the Phantom.

About the Cars: China Market and a best beautiful car contest

Read in the Figaro, one can definitely say that China is growing and is a very promising market:

“Rising car sales accelerated last month in China, reaching 16.4 million units during the first eleven months of the year, according to figures released Thursday by a professional organization close to the government. For November alone, sales of vehicles in all categories totaled 1.7 million, up 26.9% year on year, according to the China Automobile Manufacturers quoted by Dow Jones.

Pagani unveils the successor to the Zonda: the C9

the C9 will be mind to be one of the most radical supercarsdue to its lightweight chassis and 700 horsepower from its V12 engine.

Conclusion Los Angeles Auto Show: Latest news and an aside on

We already mentioned several times in this event.

Some extra info for a small balance.

About the Los Angeles Design Challenge, the two award winning SMART and Cadillac, local influence would you say? Not so sure ..

You still need to know that the American brand has done a great job on this concept, thus going beyond what Cadillac had accustomed us to see.

And the vehicle presented by Smart does not lack interest in design.

Lamborghini News november 2010

Lamborghini moved to Mexico

delivering on it is the place it among the new states developed.

Two concessions are open:

- in Mexico City on Avenida Insurgentes Sur

-and in the municipality of San Pedro, Nuevo Leon, called Belverly Hills of Latin America

If evidence is the strength of our partner.

VIP Services welcomes the double victory Lamborghini Oct. 26 at Los Arcos circuit de Navarra, northern Spain, in the FIA GT1 World Championship, replacing the handle of South Africa in Durban.

The origins of our partner Lamborghini

Deux symbolesIt’s a story that begins as a crazy challenge and became a Legend.


Ferruccio Lamborghini comes to the world in 1916 at 30 km from Modena, specifically Renazzo Cento.
He comes from a family who made his fortune in agriculture. Early on, he showed skill and a passion for mechanics. Indeed, he graduated from the Technological Institute of Bologna in 1939.
During the War, he worked also as a prisoner on the island of Rhodes in the fleet maintenance and aviation.

About the Sesto Elemento Prototype

Paris 2010 ends, and all the purists do not see one thing:

The Motor Show 2011 Geneva looming, with its innovation and Luxury vehicles.

Moreover, with an increase of over 50% of orders related to these types of vehicles, the auspices are very good We could not fail to share with you one of

events are our partner Lamborghini is presenting the Sesto Elemento, a prototype very promising,another piece of technology without any concession of the mark in Taurus

And let us talk about Lamborghini itself through its press release.