Fashion Week in Paris: Dior, January 2011


When John Galliano arrives at the prestigious House of Dior Haute Couture, we did not expect it, but not at all, and yet we realize now how Bernard Arnaud had reason to trust this UFO Fashion.

Reckless child of his Majesty, with Alexander McQueen and Vivian Westwood, had he in common with the creator of Dior? Neither his mind nor the line of his creations, very close to the trash sometimes sublime street, provoking his works with a simple and gracious man, we could not have more opposite in appearance from the soul of the House Dior.


Even I must admit did not understand the logic of this choice.I did not see it coming.Galliano 2001

So I threw a glance at his fashion shows baroque, extravagant and unorthodox



And then little by little, it’s like the Dior spirit back to life.dior-2008.jpgWas there a great creative, open-minded, fusing in all directions for reinvigorating the beauty of a dress in Dior John Galliano interpretation?

I think, given this collection a purity in lines, delivering the classic Dior trapeze silhouette in the spotlight: the waists and flaring skirts those who made us dream, this beautiful Parisian woman who still in world consciousness.

Dior-Annees-50H.jpg Rene-Gruau-Dior.jpg Dior-New-Look.jpg Dior-annees-50.jpgWe can talk on the line of Rene Gruau and its particular link with the New Look, H line etc. I still think to myself that this Dior Spring-Summer Collection 2011 has in its timeless simplicity almost its own legitimacy.

I will not go over in the art because, sometimes, being too technical does not  serve the one who looksdior defile haute couture printemps-ete 2011 article big


A real great Event…

Merci, Monsieur John Galliano

Thank you so much