Bouchra Jarrar at The Paris Fashion Week

Bouchra-jarrar384390defile.pngWhat a beautiful line, tissue fluids to such reflections on the matte of ebony,

600-600 Bouchra-Jarrar portrait gallery3

fashion week 2010


we see the body moving and the shape of the woman who waves.


défilé fashion week 2010

French of Moroccan origin, former home of Lacroix and Balenciaga, Bouchra Jarrar has adopted a cut in the sober elegance of its black and white or color asymmetry.

One thinks of the beautiful Roaring Twenties, with antique draperies without the heavy side, like a nymph who was running in the forest, slightly


Bouchra Jarrar 1672833c 2010-copie-1

défilé automne-hiver en 2010


It does not take long, 3 years, Bouchra Jarrar scrolls that his house was very young, his style still has time to mature and we want to continue to follow

Thanks to, pour la photographie du défilé 2011