Los Angeles Design Contest 2010: Maybach

Los Angeles Design Challenge 2010 : Maybach DRS

Just for fun and also because at VIP Services Blog, we love the exceptional vehicles and innovation, as our partners in the automotive section of VIP Services.

Sources: Autobuzz.com

(This contest will be held at the Los Angeles Auto Show November 19 to 28)

Posted by Remy Devaureix October 24, 2010

The design competition of the show from Los Angeles to discover different studies very innovative style. Every day, Automotive Buzz has one of the projects presented by leading global automobile brands. Today is the project Maybach DRS (Den-Riki-Sha to rickshaws) that adorns our columns.

According to the designers Maybach, a new car culture is emerging. This is directly linked with the modern architecture and nature. Lightness, transparency, systems for driver assistance but also new methods of production will directly influence the style of our future cars.

It is from this reflection that the designers of the German mark have imagined a kind of rickshaw simple and lightweight with 4 seats (one in front, two side-by-side in the center and one rear) powered by two blocks power of 20 kW. These are controlled by an onboard computer and powered via lithium-ion batteries by 48 kg.

To increase the autonomy of the vehicle, the driver can use the pedals and to provide additional power.

The Maybach DRS uses a carbon frame and bio-composites of only 92 kg and an innovative panoramic roof system. This concept car represents the future city car perfect!


Photos Maybach DRS Concept