Two companies of the automobile to the extreme performance

The last stroke of madness Bugatti go even in the extreme by offering the Bugatti Veyron Supersport2011, which will be produced in 40 copies for customers already loyal to the brand.


It is more an exercise in depth of the mark in the bowels of the beast and not a mere restyled.

The engine is simply monstrous, indeed worthy of its price greater impact on the environment issued by a U.S. committee, but for this kind of technological prowess, no matter A 8.0 W 16! The valves are installed in the cylinder head, connecting rods are titanium, it needs 21 liters of oil to lubricate the monster

The engine has 4 456 kg bearing turbos boost pressure to 1.4 bar cons 1.2, intake manifoldsunpublished fluidifent flows he was deflated, “ according to 1200 Bugatti c. .. . to make you imagine the power

It is a 7-speed transmission with double clutch.

She reached 0-100 in 2.5 seconds and 300 km in 14.6 sec, which allowed him to set a record speed of 431 km/h!

Moreover, the 5 copies of the limited edition World Record Edition have been sold out, we wonder why there …

When you know that SuperSport passed, according to testers, the Bugatti Veyron to a quiet car

One wonders how far will the engineers at Bugatti in excess and excellence

In the wake of extreme performance, Michelin, the Bugatti team also just released the Michelin Pilot Supersport together with Porsche, Ferrari, BMW according, developed in global circuits in Europe, Japan and Thailand.

The tire withstands more than 400 km / h, has a belt Twaron fiber in high density, high tensile strength.

It has a tread said BICompound that uses two different types of gums between the left and right parts(for turns and adhesion).

A system called Variable Contact Patch 2.0 the forces are distributed evenly in turns to keep the same area of rubber in contact with the ground.

Michelin Pilot Supersport released in January 2011 in over 30 sizes 18-22 inches.

It seems acclaimed by all manufacturers of sports: he won a 2010 Technology Award presented by Ferrari.
This model will equip the 458 Italia (above the pattern is for Fernando Alonso) and 599 GTO.

For BMW, the Alpina B5 model which will be equipped.

All this good news to comfort the many people who lack Michelin in Formula 1