2010 L.A.Design Challenge: Mercedes Biome


To continue with this design competition, and also acknowledge our partners Carugati and Andre Chevalley, another treat for the eyes

Los Angeles Design Challenge 2010: Mercedes Biome

Posted by Remy Devaureix October 25, 2010
Return to competition in Los Angeles and let’s look a moment on the proposal shifted Mercedes called Biome.

The Biome fully respects the subject of the challenge (designing a car less than 450 kg versatile for four people) with a sort of ultra-lightweight car that uses technology from nature to achieve unsurpassed efficiency and integration called transparent in the ecosystem.

The Mercedes design team based in California has created a vehicle emerging from a nurseryMercedes from two seeds princpales: a sip of the DNA of the brand to build the cabin and theother for the body. The wheels are grown with four separate single seeds.

The Biome collects the sun’s energy and stores it in its veins“in the form of a liquid called BioNectar4534. Mercedes unfortunately remains shy about using this fuel“and the propulsion of the craft. We only know that the star vehicle develops a technology that will upgrade the trees by equipping receivers. These convert solar energy surplus BN4534.

The structure of the self is composed of BioFibre, a new lighter material than the current composite materials and more rigid than steel. The BioFibre be grown in the nursery Mercedesusing DNA of the brand and the specific needs of each client.

The Mercedes Biome is not only ecological, it purifies the air through photosynthesis! A rather new concept but far from being realistic

Photos Mercedes Biome Concept